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Below is a sampling of his keynote topics:

What is EOS®?

Like thousands of other companies around the world, you can execute your vision using a comprehensive but simple set of tools called the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). We use this system to keep your leadership team all rowing in the right direction and accountable so your business starts working for you - rather than the other way around.

Confessions of A Business Coach: Sales is More than a Good Marketing Plan

So often business owners believe if that a good marketing plan is the place to start, we believe starting with Why is exactly that, the place to start. A purpose driven company without a thriving and healthy culture will never have its desired impact. It’s the combination of trust and planning that allows an organization, over the long term, to stay inspired while outperforming and outlasting the competition.

Darren discusses the strategies and principles that enable small and medium size businesses owners to overcome the difficulties they encounter. It is the heart of the principles, the underlying lessons and strategies, that can help grow any operation in any category of business imaginable.

Profits Through Building a Team: Together Everyone Achieves More

For organizations to thrive they must build trust, explore how high performing teams innovate, adapt and defeat the unknown and how your team can too.

Here Darren discusses how to develop your team to maximize not only their potential, but your own.

Building Your Business Roadmap Through Core Values    

There are no one-size-fits-all “best practices” or shortcuts to building a business roadmap. The companies who successfully build one look within to find their destination through core values and vision. This workshop helps participants redefine what a truly people-centric culture means for their organization and the unique leadership behaviors it will take to bring it to life.

Darren discusses all these challenges and gives you the strategies and techniques to overcome them.