My Prosperity Tree

Tired of the endless coaching programs promising you unrealistic results because they have the magic pill. Growing a strong business is not magic, it comes from planting the right seeds and here is our secret. You have to plant more than one. Every business consists of many different areas you need to grow, they include sales, marketing, finances, operations, and culture. My Prosperity Tree, unlike most other programs addresses all of these areas not just one or two. Find out today how you too can plant the seeds you need to grow strong roots and build a business that will give you a life you love.

My Prosperity Tree will provide you with a team of experts that use precise formulas to determine key changes in operations and spending to run your business at optimal levels.

Enterprise Plan
Prosperity Tree
Sprout Business Plan
MPT Professionals become part of your management team
Learn to structure your business according to a customized plan you design with our professionals
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Business plan
Seedling Basics
MPT Professionals will take over your day to day operations (paying bills, recording payables/receivables, payroll, etc.
Learn from our professionals how to identify weaknesses within your company and help you get better organized.
Get access to Monthly meetings with MPT Professionals
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Basic Plan
Weekly Bookkeeping to keep your finances clean
Monthly Financial Statements
Learn from our experts how to revamp your cashflow system
Get quarterly access to MPT professionals
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