How To Create a Plan You'll Really Use

Today there are so many coaches that offer advice on "How To"

Today there are so many coaches that offer advice on "How To" grow your business and either offer online training or weekly sessions to talk over the phone or video conferencing. They ask you to take surveys and based on your answers at the time create a 2 dimensional plan for you to turn your business around. This is all done without a full assessment of your daily operations and a 3 dimensional view of your business and your life.

Every business and for that matter business owner is different and thinking that a canned program given to the masses will be successful is unrealistic. A 3 dimensional view of your business takes into account a number of views of your business not just the perception you have as a business owner. We not only look at your view, but we look at your business from your employees, customers and vendors view giving us a more complete view enabling us to work with you to develop a plan that works for you and not just a canned solution we think will work for everyone.

When I first began providing business coaching services for my clients I noticed that if not immersed in the process of making changes and providing consistent support and reinforcement, implementation would either never occur or would occur at such a slow pace that significant improvements in operations would never occur.

So unlike a lot of coaches, at CBMS we get our hands dirty in assisting the business owner in creating and executing the plan that works for the long term and not one that only works for a little while before the business reverts back to prior operating ways.

How do we do this? First, you as the business owner, you’re the leader. You decide what your business will do, how it must do it, and where it will go next. This is creating a vision for your company. Even though these final decisions are yours, we help you make those educated decisions to ensure they are the best for yourself and your company. We then work with you on the execution of your vision.

By creating a vision for your business it will remind you of the destination.When you try to move forward without it, you’re left jumping blindly from one item to the next—unsure of where your focus should be or where the business is heading. We help you maintain your focus so your vision can be realized. It’s hard work, and there are so many pieces to consider. Executing the new vision can be overwhelming and seem unmanageable.

That's where we come in, in our work with owners over the years, we have assisted our owners in creating their vision making that vision actionable, creating a document we develop together, that is used in your day-to-day to remember where you’re going and help guide your decisions as you go.

CBMS assists you in setting performance goals and putting them in writing, which will make it much more likely that you’ll achieve them. Having them in writing will enable you to measure your progress toward these goals throughout your business, and they’ll give you plenty of vital feedback along the way. They are truly invaluable.

When you put all these elements together—look, act, feel, and perform—you’ll paint a vivid and detailed picture of how your business will be when it really works for you. We help you identify the places that need to improve and show you the path to get there. Take the time to get them right, and you’ll have clear guidance to withstand the inevitable storms—and the confidence that comes from knowing your destination.

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