About Us

Our Vision is to Help Businesses help themselves to create positive change so their employees and customers can live a more fulfilled life. Through world class training, service and support.

We know exactly how you feel

All of us have been there. Some of us more than once. So we know what it takes to pick up the phone and ask for help. We can’t make that first call any easier. But we can tell you that we’ve been picking up the phone for people like you for nearly 17 years. From professional service business to tech companies to niche businesses you didn’t know existed.

We believe that normal people can do extraordinary things. That there’s a true business leader in you waiting to emerge. And that you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates. You just have to be you. That’s hard enough. We don’t have all the answers for how to get there. But what we’re great at—what makes CBMS different—is we know how to ask the right questions. With a ton of heart, but without pulling punches, because we know that kind of help is the kind that works.